Meet Alida

I have been in the teaching profession for over 20 years.  I feel so fortunate to be able to answer my calling, be it teaching a child chemistry through cooking or supporting a parent through a particular challenging phase.

At Ivy League-West Educational Services, I am able to individualize all types of learning.  Through the knowledge I've gained and the experience I have I feel I can provide a warm, loving and safe environment for children and adults to explore, create and challenge themselves to live up to their God given potential.   Whether your child is needing a gentle transition from home to school or they are hoping to learn more about a specific subject that excites them, whether you are a new parent of an infant or an old pro suddenly faced with a new challenge that is unfamiliar, I am excited to be able to provide support to you or your child .

My mission is to engage and guide you or your child on the exciting road to learning.  I endeavor to make the learning experience organic not linear, exciting not dull, student led not teacher led, fun not boring, ever expanding never limited.  You are encouraged to explore what interests you.  You are given time to absorb the knowledge you are acquiring and you are given ample opportunities to apply your new knowledge in a stress free, non-judgmental environment.

The program at Ivy League-West is balanced with activities and quiet times.  It meets the student at his physical, cognitive and emotional level and continues to develop the whole student throughout the year.

All our teachers are CPR/First Aid certified.  They all have a food handler's certificate and are registered in the Oregon Criminal Registry.  I am registered at a Step 9.5 through the Oregon Registry.