Tuesday, January 11, 2011

To The Old Year Adieu...

...Great joy to the new. Happy 2011 everyone. We have been back at school for a little over a week. It's been great to see all our students who have been with us since we opened and to greet some happy new faces. Christmas break was wonderful for me and my family. We had my parents stay with us for Christmas and we were able to enjoy each others company, relax and I was able to recharge for the new year.

I participated in Inner Christmas for the first time this year. What a wonderful calming centering experience it was. Basically, each night for the twelve nights of Christmas you have something to meditate on, pray about or simply ponder. I felt for the first time in many years that Christmas was more meaningful than a mad rush to buy things for people.

Now we focus on the year before us. How wonderful to have a nice clean slate, but the foundations that I've been working on for years to guide my teaching this year. This year started off with new challenges. It seems all the children in my care are now too old for naps! Everyone still needs rest and to disengage for awhile, so we still have rest time. We still lay out the mats and everyone grabs a book or two to peruse while resting. Then the kids lay on their mats and speak softly to themselves. I love to see them working out or repeating things we did during the morning. It's so important to give them time to process information and new material.

We've been fortunate so far this year the rain has given out to sunshine almost everyday. The kids still run out and play even in the cold weather. We make sure they are bundled up, but the fresh cold air is so refreshing and I'm convinced it keeps those nasty flu bugs at bay.

We've been busy working away with the alphabet and numbers, but also doing a lot of hands on science projects and tons of art projects. I leave you with a few pictures of what we've been up too. Also be sure to check back because sometime this week I'll be adding the first video class of the year.

Stay warm,


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