Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ivy League-West Summer Enrichment

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Ivy League-West Summer Enrichment Programs 2011

Weekly Schedule

June 27 – July 1 Hello Summer!

Classic Summer Activities

Playing outdoors, jumping rope, hopscotch, classic games, fort building, making popsicles, making makeshift tents, relaxing on hammocks, swinging, grill lunch, tending the garden.

July 5 – July 8 Let Freedom Ring!

Step back into Colonial Times

Card wool, make yarn. Learn to knit and embroider, chop firewood, whittle sticks, bake bread, make dolls, create board games.

July 11 – July 15 Soar into Space!

Explore Space Travel

Learn about planets, planetoids, moons and everything else found in space. Make astronaut suits and spaceships. Recreate moon landing. Discover a new planet. Make friends with its strange inhabitants.

July 18 – July 22 Knights and Princesses!

Read fairy tales from every corner of the earth.

Write original plays based on classic and exotic fairy tales. Build and paint sets and stages. Make costumes. Learn about courage, strength and facing your fears. Maybe even slay a dragon. (Or befriend one.)

July 25 – July 29 Water World!

Water is most valuable natural resource.

Play in and explore the many uses of water. Learn how to conserve and why it’s important. From watercolors to water energy sources, water is life.

August 1 – August 5 CLOSED!

No programs this week.

August 8 – August 12 Kitchen Science!

There is more going on than you can taste.

What chemical reactions are happening while cooking? Can you change the change the composition of food by cooking? Learn about good nutrition while exploring the mysteries of science in cooking.

August 15 – August 19 We Dig Fossils!

Is there a dinosaur in your backyard?

Explore fossils and where they are found. Make casts and impressions. Dissect owl pellets. Learn how fossils are made and what they tell us once found.

August 22 – August 26 Show Me The Money!

Your future is now.

Learn how to make a spending plan so you can have money for fun and save for college. Learn about savings accounts and how interest works. Learn about ways you can make money.

August 29 – September 2 Beyond Playdough!

What is a polymer?

Learn about the amazing properties of polymers. Make various polymers. Make an end of summer sculpture as a take home memento.

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All this plus two healthy snacks and a healthy seasonal lunch for $90.00 a week. There is no registration fee for our Summer Program, however early registration and payment is highly recommended as spaces are limited!