Monday, April 4, 2011

...On Being Sick

Does it speak highly of your job when you are actually bummed that you are sick and can't go to work? I think so. I am one of those very fortunate individuals. Today I am not feeling well and I called off classes. I'm disappointed because I had such a cool day planned and was so excited to see the kids enjoying the activities. However tomorrow is another day. Tomorrow I will be well enough to teach and play, because I'm taking the time to listen to my body today and I'm giving it what it needs. Today I will rest, increase my fluid intake and rest some more. A good reminder that you are only as capable as you are healthy. It's not a good idea to be a martyr when you are working with kids. It will only prolong the illness and then recovery will take even longer.

Take care of yourself, only then can you be a good mom, dad, teacher, friend, employee or boss.

Now I'm off to bed with my hot water bottle and my watered down Gatorade. Until tomorrow.

Wishing you all good health,