Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Feel The Love

Happy Valentine's Day! We are all a buzz here because after Christmas, Valentine's Day is the kids absolute favorite day of the year. Kids have such an innate sense of love. I'm blessed that I get to work with kids and see it all the time. Kids love, love, love to help. They love to feel useful. They are very often kind and sympathetic. Last week I decided to jot down what the kids said whenever I witnessed an act of love or kindness. Here is only part of the list:

  1. "Let me help you turn on the water, the faucet sticks."
  2. "Oh my gosh, you are doing so well on that puzzle!"
  3. "Oh no, are you okay?"
  4. "I'm so sorry! I was running so fast I couldn't stop."
  5. "Let me help you carry that basket of blocks, it's really heavy?"
  6. "Thanks Mrs. Alida, you're the best!"
  7. "Surprise! The table is all set for lunch!"
  8. "I'm making a card for my brother, because he's been sick."
  9. "Maybe we could all put our money together and then buy a toy we can all share."
  10. "Hurry let all clean up so we can play outside."
  11. "Oh thank you for the extra napkin."
  12. "Mrs. Alida, did you see how well "D" is writing his letter L?"
  13. "Good job!"
  14. "Yay, we did a great job on these muffins!"
This is a snippet of the conversations the kids had. Yes, there were moments of frustration and even anger, but for the most part, the kids rally behind each other, encourage each other, root for each other. The anger and frustration doesn't last long and in most cases they work it out without very much intervention from me.

While I do believe that kids tend to be loving and thoughtful, I also purposefully create an atmosphere where love is at the center of most things we do. In the morning there is always classical music playing when the children arrive. In fact, throughout a good potion of the day, music is playing. At lunch we always say a prayer, eat family style and quite often we eat by candlelight. All this sets the tone for reverence and appreciation of the many blessing we enjoy. Where there is true appreciation, love abounds.

I think I may make a habit of jotting down all the wonderful things that are said throughout the day. It really keeps me aware of how wonderful children are and how grateful I am to share my day with them.