Monday, August 30, 2010

A Typical Week

Many have asked about our curriculum. Here is what a typical week looks like at Ivy League-West.

The theme is: Friendship


Prepare and bake an Amish Friendship Bread loaf (or two)

(Painting Day)

Watercolor with yellow paint on one huge sheet of paper.
Friends working together.

(Coloring Day)

Trace each others hands and color them in red.
Make a hands friendship wreath for our door.

(Crafting and Games)

Make friendship bracelets with string and beads
Toss the ball and say one kind thing about the person who catches it.


Help each other clean off table tops, sweep floors, sort and fold laundry.

Our schedule flows as follows:

(Greeting, introductions and free play)

Morning Circle Time
(Calendar, Story Time in English and Spanish,
Singing in English and Spanish, Finger Plays,
Music and Movement)

Morning Activities
(Depending on Day of the Week ~ See Above)

Morning Snack
(The children help prepare and serve snack)

Out Door Activity
(Scheduled Games)

Wash up - Prepare Lunch Table -Eat Lunch Family Style

Story Time - Nap Time

Wash up - Prepare Afternoon Snack- Snack Time

Free Play
(Indoors or Out)

Wash Up - Story Time - Departure